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Join Our Buzzing Team!

We are buzzing with excitement as we open up  a number of job opportunities for the 2024 beekeeping season. These roles are ideal for those who have a passion for honey bees and agriculture, a keenness to learn, and the adaptability to thrive in various working environments. Dive into the world of beekeeping with us and experience the rewarding journey from hive to honey!

As a member of our team, you will be involved in various aspects of beekeeping including hive management, honey extraction, nucleus production, and queen rearing. Although we are looking for experienced beekeepers, we also provide in house training, so no prior experience is required for some of our job positions—just a willingness to learn and a love for nature. 

Please follow the links below for more information.

Full-Time Beekeeper - Find Out More

Seasonal Beekeeper - Find Out More

Part-Time Beekeeper - Find Out More

Apprentice Beekeeper - Find Out More

Trainee Beekeeper - Find Out More