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Job Opportunity: Part-Time Beekeeper at Honeyfields Bee Farm

Location: Bulkington, Warwickshire, Near Coventry, UK.

Your Role:

Part-time beekeepers will be expected to get involved with various jobs at different times of the season:

  • Assist in the management of 600 honey producing hives and 400 nucs.
  • Regular health inspections and applying swarm control methods as needed.
  • Honey Harvesting and Extraction.
  • Equipment Maintenance and assembly.
  • Be involved in large scale nucleus production and queen rearing.
  • Driving to and between apiaries.
  • Moving nucs and hives between apiaries as needed (sometimes during unsociable hours).
  • Honey house upkeep.
  • Honey packing.
  • Occasionally be involved in dispatching honey and queen bee orders.
  • Customer correspondence.

Seasonal Dynamics of the Role:

Spring and Summer: This period is all about active beekeeping. You'll spend most of your time outdoors, moving from one apiary to another, engaging directly with our bees. These months will require you to be away from our main HQ, immersed in the hands-on aspects of bee management.

Autumn and Winter: While there will still be some hands-on beekeeping, these cooler months are focused on preparing for the upcoming season. You'll be based mainly at Honeyfields HQ, assembling and preparing equipment, and getting everything in tip-top shape for the spring.

What we are looking for:

Most of all we are looking for a hardworking, team player, with a passion for honey bees who is keen to learn.

Applicants for this role must have:

  • Previous beekeeping experience, be confident in how to inspect a colony of bees independently and have knowledge of how a colony of bees works. The more experience the better.
  • UK residency or have the correct documentation to work in the UK.
  • A clean drivers licence.
  • Lift 20-30kg off the floor and walk around comfortably. (Honey boxes can get very heavy, and there are lots of them to lift!)

Other things that will help, but are not necessary:

  • Experience driving with a trailer. (Trailer licence not required by law anymore)
  • Forklift operators ticket.
  • Food hygiene certificate! (The training for this will be provided to successful applicants)

What We Offer:

  • Salary: £12.50 per hour
  • Working hours:
    • 2-3 days a week during peak season, with days running around 8:30am – 5:00pm in the spring and summer.
    • 2-3 days a week during the off season, with days running around 9:30am – 4:00pm in the Autumn and Winter.
  • Optional Saturday morning work, while available in nucleus production/collection season and during the honey harvest. 
  • 12- 14 days annual leave based on a full year of work at 2-3 days.
  • A company pension scheme.
  • Employee discount on all our products.

How to Apply:

Email your CV and cover letter to with the subject "Part-Time Beekeeper". Alternatively, call 02476490311 to arrange dropping your CV and cover letter over in person, or post it to Honeyfields Bee Farm, Mile tree Lane, Aldermans Green, Coventry, CV2 1NT.

Deadline: We're looking to fill this position for the start of the coming beekeeping season around the beginning of march 2024 or as soon as a successful applicant can start. Don't wait too long to apply!

Contact: Sam Barber at or call 02476490311.


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