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Welcome to the world of Buckfast Bees! Our Five Frame Buckfast Nucs are the ideal choice for both beginner and experienced beekeepers seeking healthy, hardworking bees to populate their beehives.What is a Five Frame Nucleus?A nucleus, commonly known as a nuc, typically comprises 3-6 frames and is designed to grow into a larger colony as the season progresses. Each fully operational nuc includes a mated queen actively laying eggs, 2-3 frames… Read more

Posted by Sam Barber on 26th Apr 2023

All of our queen bees are delivered in a plastic travel/introduction cage. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to introduce a queen bee to a colony using one of our plastic queen cages:Ensure that the colony is queenless: Before introducing a new queen, make sure that the colony is queen less. This can be done by carefully inspecting the hive for any signs of a queen. The fastest way to see if a colony has a queen present is look for eggs in… Read more

Posted by Sam Barber on 14th Apr 2023

Transferring a nucleus colony (nuc) into an empty full-size hive can be an exciting and challenging task for new beekeepers. It involves moving a small colony of bees from a temporary nuc box into a larger hive that will serve as their permanent home. This process requires a little planning before to ensure the health and safety of the bees.Here are some steps to follow when transferring a nuc into an empty full-size hive:Choose the Right Ti… Read more